This is my photo album from my trip to Europe in the summer of 2001.

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Or, you can choose the pictures you want to see:
Hamburg/Phantom of the Opera (June 30)
Party after Phantom (June 30)
Bremen island/Jekyll and Hyde picnic (July 1)
Bremen (July 1-2)
Cologne (July 3-5)
Nice (July 7-9)
Antibes (July 10)
Cannes (July 11)
Monaco (July 12)
Cagnes (July 12)
Murnau Part I (July 14-16)
Garmisch (July 17)
Murnau Part II (July 18-21)
Salzburg (July 21-22)
Innsbruck (July 23)
Vienna (July 24)
Going home (July 25-26)

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