When writing to the actors, keep some things in mind:

1. Do not write that person a huge long letter that will take them a year to read. Remember, you are probably not the only person sending them fan mail!

2. Be nice to the people! Don't tell them "You were quite good, but so-and-so did it better."

3. Don't beg them for anything. If they want to send you an autographed photo, they will.interview I did.

NOTE: when sending PACKAGES to the cast of the Music Box Tour, do NOT send them to the NY address! They will be returned. If you want to send a package, send it to the actor in c/o the theatre at LEAST one week before the tour leaves. (It may take the package a week to get to the theatre and then it may take a few days for them to sort the mail.)

Also, sorry but I lost the addresses. I will add the addresses to the theatres as I get them.

Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, London SW1Y 4QL UNITED KINGDOM Akasaka Musical Theatre 5-3-6 Akasaka Minato-ward Tokyo, JAPAN Phantom of the Opera Neue Flora Theater Stressemanstrasse 159 A 22769 Hamburg GERMANY Music Box Company c/o Alan Wasser Asso. 1650 Broadway, Ste 800 New York, NY 10019

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