High Beams

Driving at night, down a deserted road is nice. Not only is there no one else on the road, but you have a nice CD in the stereo. It's relaxing.

Well, until a car coming the other way decides not to dim his headlights. So you're forced to look either look at the side of the road, put on your sun glasses, or risk blindness.

What is so hard about dimming your high beam lights when another car is coming? I can understand not remembering that they're on, but this happens so frequently that it can't be everyone's memory!

And what about the people who, when driving behind you, feel the need to put on their high beams? Yes, there is no one coming, but there's a car in front of you! That light reflects off of not only the rear view mirror, but the side mirrors as well!

And we can't forget about those new headlight bulbs. You know the ones, they're extremely bright. Supposed to be that way. But did the manufacturers ever realise that they're perhaps too bright? Most of the time, I've thought that those head lights were actually the high beams because they were so bright!

Why can't people just be a little more considerate with the brightness of their headlights? Why do they feel the urge to make it look like the middle of the day in the middle of the night? Why don't you just dim your lights?