Bad Homepages

How many of you have made a homepage? How many of you actually knew what you were doing?

Why am I asking this? Because there is a plethora of terrible pages on the 'net. So, here is my list of pet peeves:

1. Bad backgrounds. You've all seen them. Bright, multi-coloured backgrounds with a text colour that you can't see. Backgrounds that take forever to load. Why can't people just go look at their page when they're done with it? Can't they tell that you can't read the text? Why don't they just put either a plain coloured background or one that isn't busy?

2. No content. What do I mean by this? I mean there is nothing on that page that you wanted to know. Just a list of links, a guestbook (with the links wrong) and a counter. Wow. What a great page. Maybe I'll come back in about 50 years.

3. People that steal images/text. This really irks me. Especially when you spent all day getting an image right, then you go look at someone's page and there it is! Your pride and joy, being passed off as someone else's work. If you're going to steal something, at least say where you got it from! Or, better yet, why not email the person asking if you can use it? More than likely, they'll let you have the image.

4. Un-original pages. When you're making a page about a tv show, musical, musical group, be creative! How many pages have I seen that have an episode synopsis or some biographical facts on the band? Too many. Why can't you just figure out an original idea and use that? Why must everyone make just about the same page? Be creative and your page will get noticed!

5. Pages that take forever to load or don't work on everyone's browsers. My pages are simple, anyone with any browser can see them and have them loaded in a short amount of time. I am sick of websites (even professional ones) that take forever to load, require a certain browser or even a certain program! Why can't these people figure out the fact that not everyone has a T3 connection with Internet Explorer or Netscape? So the next time you create a website, please remember what I have said!