Religion Wars

History books are full of them. But they're not relegated to the past. What am I talking about? Religious wars. But this essay isn't only on wars, it's also on the hatred between people of different religions.

I'm Methodist, and I won't try to convert you. Why? The meaning of life is such an awesome concept, that I don't think humans have the mental capacity to understand it fully. That is why we have Gods, Fairies, Souls, and all sorts of other religious ideas. We use these to cope and try to understand why we are here and what we are doing. One religion is not better than another, they're just different.

There is no right and wrong religion. Why? Because all religion is is your personal perception of the meaning of life. Even within the different religions, people have different ideas on what is 'going on'.

Why can't people just agree to disagree? Why can't we agree that maybe we weren't meant to understand everything and therefore no one is completely right about anything. You just deal with it in your own way. If that means praying towards Mecca, fine. If that means clutching rosary beads, fine. If that means worshipping the fairy that resides in your thumb, worship away.

I get so upset everytime I hear people yell at each other and try to convert other people just because they believe something different. I get sick to the stomach when I hear about killings that have taken place in the name of God or anything that is 'holy'. Why is one religion so right and the rest so wrong? I understand that those are your beliefs, that your comprehension is better, but why don't you just leave people alone? Let them save their own souls.

Most religions say that you have to go out and preach your beliefs to others. Most people take that to mean that you have to go out and MAKE believers. My interpretation? Go out and preach to those that want to hear it. Don't force the issue. And certainly don't kill anyone because they believe something else.