Go to a movie these days, and you'll hear a lot of these words. I don't know why they bother anymore, they don't shock anyone. Today's people swear every third word. There's no shock value.

Swearing used to be used only in extreme circumstances. For instance, if your leg was chopped off or your car just landed into the middle of a river. For some reason, now some swear words (used in the right context) actually mean something is good.

What is going on here?

Why can't people use words like 'darn' or 'shoot' anymore? Why do they feel compelled to express themselves using profanity? Even the word 'fuck' is used in some people's everyday vocabluary. Why can't they find other, more 'constuctive' words?

These days, swearing has become commonplace. The shock value is completely gone. No one flinches when profanity is used. We've become numb to it. It's sort of a shame, really. Now we'll have to invent more profane words to express ourselves because the ones we used don't work anymore.

Or we could just stop using profanity unless necessary. Isn't that a novel idea? Just use a different word, or no word at all. Imagine how much shorter our sentences would be without all the profanity?