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The site is devoted to all of the women who have played the little rebelious dancer, Meg Giry. Meg is the daughter of Madame Giry, the ballet mistress and also one of the best dancers at the Paris Opera House.

Interviews and Playbill Blurbs

Sara Brenner
(Blurb) Former Meg in Toronto
Tener Brown
(Blurb) Former Meg in NYC
Geralynn Del Corso
(Blurb) NYC Meg
Janet Devenish
(Blurb) Original London Meg
Catriona Ferguson
(Blurb) Toronto Meg
Diana Gonzalez
(Blurb) Former Music Box Tour Meg
Jennifer Gould
(Blurb) San Fransisco Meg
Betina Hershey
(Blurb)Meg in Music Box Tour
Natasha Knight
(Blurb) Meg in London, former Netherlands Meg
Martina Langas
(Blurb) Meg in Sweden
Shannon Millerchip
(Blurb) Meg in Australia
Kitty Skillman-Hilsabeck
(Blurb) Meg in Raoul Tour
Jennifer Dawn Stillings
(Blurb) Meg in Raoul Tour
Christina Tan
(Blurb) Meg in Australia Tour
Amy Walsh
(Blurb) Former Meg in Toronto
Diana Wong
(Blurb) Former Meg in Toronto, Vancouver and Far East Tour