This award was created to encourage web site designers to do something unique and original, and also to do it well.

Qualifications: Have a unique site. It does not have to be about Phantom (though that is a plus!) but have it be about something different. If it's a Phantom site, don't just have pictures that everyone has seen before! Also, don't bother submitting any pages that are just links, You won't get the award.

How do you get the award? Email me at Submit the URL and title of any site (does not have to be yours) and I'll consider it.

Any questions, feel free to email me.

The winners so far:

Phantom's Labyrinth by Eleanor.
Madame Giry's Conservatoire by Jennifer Montfort.
To Daae For by Stefanie Lynn.
Titanic the Musical by LoweCoffee.
A Stephen and Anjilly Webb-Page by Stephen and Anji.
Krista's Page by Krista.
The Phantom of the Opera by Josefine Sjqvist.