by Carrie Hernandez

. . .Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing. . . . . .in her dreams she could hear the voice of the angel of music. . .

La Carlotta, fiery diva of le Palais Garnier, has been through countless renditions and rewritings. From cutout character to arch-villianess, never a story has been written without her figure dominating the pre-Christine stage. Now it is time that she comes into her own. In the thrilling novella "Phantoms of the Mind," by Carrie Hernandez, we finally see Carlotta as she always should have been -- not, perhaps, a perfect heroine. . .but doubtless a woman fit to match her brawns and brains against even Leroux's angry Phantom. In a masterful piece of phan-fiction that slips not a smidge away from Leroux's original, Hernandez nonetheless manages to create a brand-new story. . .enticing. . .thrilling. . .unexpected. . .
Even those who have traditionally hated La Carlotta will find their perspectives changed beyond belief as they read this story of love and betrayal, music, magic, and madness. Afterwards, no one could possibly look at Carlotta the same way again.

"You probaly told him that Carlotta sent her greetings, didn't you?. . . You should have said little Lotte."

"Phantoms on the Mind" is only one of the many stories and poems in _Rhapsody on Leroux_ a Phantom-based anthology starring such well known "Phan" writers as Suzy McKee Charnas and Elaine "Rowan" McMillian.

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