From Pamela's friend...

I knew Pamela Sanabria when we were in grade school. My Father, had been an opera singer when he was alive, in fact, my Mom and Dad met in the church choir. Needless to say, I was gifted with a great voice and have gone on to a very successful singing, acting and songwriting career. Back in grade school, Pamela and I became great friends and back then it was clear she had a great voice and presence about her. She also had a fabulous sense of humor, which I can still remember. She was witty and a prankster. I remember how we'd talk about "what we wanted to do when we grew up". Without missing a beat, she'd say, "I want to be an opera singer". Two things we did have in common were we were both born on the same day (I'm older by 4 hours) and we both knew we wanted to sing as we grew older. I have a lot of respect for her for following her dream, for being commited to her studies and the discipline needed to make it in the opera and the theatre. Edgar Allen Poe once wrote that he felt the highest form of art was one which combines music and words (lyrics). I wholeheartedly agree. Morover, I have the highest respect for those of us who persue this art form. Pamela, I'm happy for you and I'm proud to say I know you. As artists, our audiences change, but we only get better!

Wishing you great health and happiness,
Chet Nichols

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