Things you'll never hear on Voyager

1."Hey Kes, welcome back"

2.Seven giggling and using sentences that are comprised of "As if"

3.Torres saying "Yes! Today's the Day of Honor" As she jumps out bed with enthousiasm.

4."hey um Neelix, is there anymore Leola root stew left? Its delicious"

5."Captain, could you please make sure that Tuvok attends tonights party?"

6.Captain Janeway shouting "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot"

7.Tuvok reports an alien ship approaching. Janeway replies "ah heck, I'm feeling...saucy, red alert!"

8."okay Q, I'll have sex with you" says a shy Janeway.

9."No, Doctor go on, really, I want to hear all about how you've come up with a way to all together get rid of fungus."

10.A coffee deprived Janeway " you know, this bloody ship never seems to work anymore, lets abondon it, ..didn't we pass a pleasure planet a few days ago?"