Top Ten Changes if the Enterprise had Sponsors

10) Transporter chief would say "Thank you for using Federation
Express transporters, when you absolutely, positively have to get there instantly."

9) Starfleet uniforms would carry the Pepsi logo and say "Pepsi, the choice of The Next generation."

8) Main bridge viewscreen would have "UPN" in the corner.

7) Holodeck doors would say "Sony Trinitron System."

6) Communicator pins would be in the shape of an alligator.

5) Mercedes symbol painted on saucer section.

4) Turbolifts would have "Otis Elevator" signs.

3) Ten-Forward would have a large neon "Miller Lightspeed" sign.

2) After communicator beeps, a voice says, "Thank you for using AT&T."

1) Enterprise name changed to American Express Enterprise.