Toronto '98


Lindsay on the bus

Stefanie and her hair on the bus

Stefanie with Heidi-Marie

Another Stefanie and Heidi-Marie

Me at the restaurant

A bunch of us waiting for the show to start

Stefanie, me, Lindsay and Heidi-Marie on a bus

Lindsay, me and Stefanie on a bus

Me, Stefanie, Heidi-Marie and Lindsay doing "Masquerade"

My bassoon buddy, Hepzebah!

Kim Stengel all dressed up for the show with me.

Kim Stengel with:

Stefanie on the bus

Ma all dressed up on the bus

Stefanie and Heidi-Marie

Stefanie, Heidi-Marie and some guy that looks like a vampire

Me with Peter Karrie

Jeff Timmons, Eleni,Stephan, Heidi and Stef

?, Heidi, Stef and Mary Loye

?, Heidi, Stef and Mary Loye

Heather, her fiance

Anita, Jeff and Eleni

Anita, Jeff, Elaine and Stephan

Hepzebah and me, Bassoon girls!

Our group:

Standing under a Phantom Blvd sign: Heidi, Stef, Lindsay and me

Sandra Margolese and me

Sandra's husband Paul and Sandra

Heidi, Sandra, me and Ma

A snip of Stef with Ethan Freeman

The ballet shoes I bought. They were signed by all of the dancers plus Meg and Christine.

A souvenir boutique inside Pantages

Roger who sold us all of our souvenirs. He was really cool!