Wav Files!

These are all the wavs I constantly use on IRC. This page does not *imply* that I ever made the wavs or anything, I found them all over the net (except for the wavs of the musicals). This page isn't set up to say "Hey, look at my wavs!" It was created so that I wouldn't have to keep DCCing all of these wavs to my friends on IRC whenever their harddrives would collapse.

To be included soon: some Titanic wavs. Latex wav is up!

Star Trek wavs

Wavs from: X-Files, 3rd Rock, Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers, Ragtime, Martin Guerre, and Phantom.

Star Trek and X-Files Midis

Thanks to Data's Wav Page for a bunch of the Star Trek wavs and Geordie Padovan for a bunch of the Voyager wavs.