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Hello, and welcome to This is my personal website where you'll find tons of interesting (I hope) things to occupy your time. For easy surfing, the links to a bunch of my pages are on your left. If you're looking for the Carlotta or Piangi Shrines, you can find them here.

NEW! I just added a new message board. You can access it here.


I love musicals, especially Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth, Les Mis and Ragtime.

I also love the X-Files , Cheers, and Star Trek: Voyager. However, at the moment I am completely obsessed with Babylon 5. I hope to put up a website with quotes form the show soon.


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I just graduated with my MA at the ESIA, at GWU. Now I've gotten my first job as a Research Assistant.


UB Poli Sci
I graduated in 2002 from the University at Buffalo.
Darwin Awards
There's this awesome thing called the Darwin Awards. What are they? Awards given to people who contribute by doing some stupid act that removes them from the gene pool. You must read some of the stories at this site. Click on the picture below to get to the site.


Opera National de Paris

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Yes, I have a picture of me here! It's from Toronto in 1996. For an updated picture, click here. I'm the third from left. The other people are my friends Liz, Kate and Andrea on our way to Washington D.C. NOTE: There ARE newer pictures of me in the photos from my trip to Nice! You can see a picture of me after I graduated with my MA by going to this link.

Want to hear a wav of me sing (badly)? Just point your arrow thing here to hear it. You probably can't understand the words though! (In case you're wondering, it's "We Can Never Go Back to Before" from Ragtime). My screename on AOL is MjrHoulihan. So if you're on, IM me!

Last Update: November 30
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