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Last updated March 21, 2009.

The site is devoted to the greatest character in musical theatre, the diva Carlotta. Carlotta is a diva in every sense of the word. She's a great singer, actress (even thought the Phantom doesn't think so!) and has a great personality. On this site, you will see interviews, playbill blurbs, pictures, wav files, and everything else about Carlotta!

Here's what two audition notices say about the character:

Carlotta Guidicelli: 30s-early 40s: Coloratura Soprano, to High E. A Diva.
Carlotta Giudicelli: 30�s � Early 40�s. The prima donna of The Paris Opera. A diva in every sense of the word. Coloratura soprano, to high E. Requires opera training.

See the Carlotta Christmas card that was made for me by Thomas Bevel: Front and Back.

Phantom Online Amusement where you can 'shoot' Christine, do word searches and a bunch of other fun things!

Updates: Las Vegas Carlottas

Interviews and Playbill Blurbs

Diane Alexander
(interview) Former Carlotta in San Fransisco
Hanne Andersen
Former Copenhagen understudy
Rosemarie Arthars
Former London (May? 1996 - October 1996?)
Rosemary Ashe
(previous roles) First London Carlotta, London (1986-1990)
Valda Aviks
(from Valda) Former London (September? 1995 - April? 199?), Vienna and UK
Helen Axelson-Roddy
(Bio) Former San Fransisco
Katie Banks
New York understudy
Mary Anne Barcellona
(Bio) former Toronto
Elena Jeanne Batman
(Bio) Las Vegas (6/06 - ?), former New York City and 1st National Tour understudy
Vera Borisova
(bio) Former Hamburg and Copenhagen
Paula Bott
Former London (April 1993 - September 1995)
Kimilee Bryant
Music Box tour understudy ( - 2 July 2006)
Karen Michelle Buck
Stuttgart alternate
Beverly Butrie
Former 1st National Tour understudy
Catherine Caccavallo
Former LA understudy
Susana Casas
Former Madrid
Marilyn Caskey
(from Marilyn) former NY, now current NY Mme Giry!
Nan Christie
Former London (March? 2002 - May 2003?)
Janet Coates
Former understudy in Toronto
Priti Coles
First Vienna Carlotta
Marcia Cope-Hart
(Bio) Former understudy in San Fransisco, Las Vegas Mme Giry understudy (6/06 - ?)
Patricia Corry
Current/original Essen alternate
Shan Cothi
Former London (July? 2000 - ?)
Valerie DeBartolo
Former 1st National Tour understudy
Marcy DeGronge-Manfredi
Former NY understudy
Rhonda Dillon
Former NY and LA understudy
Daphne Druijf
(Bio) Former understudy in Netherlands (1993)
Sandra Dugdale
(Bio) Former London (June? 1992 - June? 1993)
Rebecca Eichenberger
(bio) former NY, LA understudy
Teresa Eldh
(Bio) Former understudy in New York City
Kelly Ellenwood
(From Kelly) former Broadway, Raoul Tour
Carrie Ellis
(bio) Former UK Tour
Anne Eriksen
Former Copenhagen understudy
Joan (Eubank) Sobel
(from Joan) Current Vegas Understudy, Former 1st National Tour understudy, Music Box Tour
Dorene Falcetta
(Bio) Former understudy in 1st National Tour
Lisa Faletto
Former 1st National Tour understudy
Wendy Ferguson
London (September 2005 - ?)
Jill Diane Filion
Former understudy in Toronto
Catherine Forbes
(from Catherine) Former 2nd cover in Hamburg, 1st cover in Basel
Birgit-Louise Frandsen
Former Copenhagen understudy
Karin Fridh
Former Copenhagen (u/s 2000, main 2003)
Lynne Giacalone
(bio) Former Toronto understudy
Leslie Giammanco
Former 1st National Tour understudy
Patty Goble
(from Patty) Former Carlotta (and Christine) in Toronto (1993)
Wiebke Goetjes
(Bio) Former Netherlands (1993)
Julia Goss
(Bio) Former London (early? 1991 - 1992?)
Philppa Grummet
(Bio) Former understudy in Brisbane
Lyse Guerin
(From Lyse) Carlotta in Canada for 7 years
Amanda Hall
(Bio) Former German Tour
Claire Louise Hammacott
(Bio) Former understudy in London
Wren Marie Harrington
(Bio) Understudy in New York City
Sally Harrison
(bio) Former London (October? 2004 - September 2005)
Rio Hibler-Kerr
Former LA understudy
Wendy Hill
Former 1st National Tour
Kelly Cae Hogan
(Pictures) Former Music Box, Raoul Tour understudy
Jan Horvath
(Bio) Former Broadway
Patricia Hurd
(Bio) Former Broadway, Raoul Tour, last SF
Jasna Ivir
(Bio) Former London (May? 1997 - August? 1998)
Junko Iwamoto
Japan (2005)
Carolina Jaegers
(Bio) Carlotta in Netherlands after 1993
Geena Jeffries Mattox
(Bio) Las Vegas (6/06 - ?), former in New York and San Francisco
Diane Jennings
(bio) Former NY understudy and Music Box
Melody Johnson (now Rubie)
(Bio) Former understudy in New York City
Judith Gardner Jones
(bio) Former London (September 2003 - Seotember 2004)
Sayoko Kanai
2nd Cast Carlotta in Japan
Kazuyo Kawai
Current Japan Carlotta
Judy Kaye
(Article/interview) First Carlotta on Broadway
Diane Ketchie
(Bio) First Carlotta in San Fransisco
Kris Koop
NY understudy
Malin Landing
Former Copenhagen understudy
An Lauwereins
(bio) former London (August? 2001 - ?)
Christa Leahman
Carlotta in Australia and New Zealand
Marina Svaneberg Li
Former Copenhagen understudy
Jennifer Little
(from Jennifer) Carlotta understudy in Louisville, NY, Germany (?)
Hanlee Louw
Seoul (World Tour) understudy
Eva Malmgren
Former Copenhagen
Sandra Margolese
(Interview) Princess and Carlotta understudy in Toronto
Tatiana Marouchtchak
Former Mexico City
Liz McCartney
(from a friend of Liz's) former NYC and SF
Laurie Anne McGowan
(bio) Current/original Essen, Former understudy in Hamburg
Morag McLaren
(Bio) London (Oct? 1988 - Oct? 1989)
Ann McMann
Former 1st National Tour understudy
Beth McVey
Former understudy in NY
Maria Moll
London (at least in October 1987 - April 1988)
Leigh Munro
(From Leigh) Former Carlotta in: Los Angeles, Toronto, Far East Tour, Basel, Broadway
Kazuyo Nishida
Former Japan Carlotta
Helen Noonan
(Bio) Sydney Carlotta
Barbara Gray Nystrom
Former Stuttgart
Maja van 't Oever
(Bio) Carlotta understudy in Netherlands
Edna de Oliviera
Former Brazil
Vera van Oortmerssen
(Bio) Carlotta understudy (?) in Netherlands
Siani Owen
London understudy
Piroska Pandy
Erzsebet Pelle
Patricia Phillips
(bio) Current NYC (September 2006), Former NYC (May 2003 - May 2004), Toronto and Canadian Tour
Toni Powell
(Bio) Brisbane Carlotta
Margaret Preece
(bio) former London (March? 1999 - June? 1999), movie voice dub (and Confidante)
Pauline Du Presis
Current South African Tour
Wendy Lee Purdy
(Bio) Understudy in Sydney and Brisbane
Orsolya Roser
Melody Rubie
NYC understudy
Anne Runolfsson
Former NYC (? - September 2006
Monika Safar
Janet Saia
NYC understudy
Shaula Salathe
(Bio) Understudy in Sydney
Pamela Sanabria
(from a friend) Original Carlotta in Hamburg
Gabriella Santinelli
UK Tour
Rita Saxmark
Sweden understudy, Principle Belgium and Copenhagen
Julie Schmidt
(From Julie) Current NYC Swing, Former NYC (5/04? - 11/04), Music Box Tour
Elena Shandrow
MB Tour understudy (7/06 - ?)
Yuki Shigemizu
Japan (2005)
Minako Shioda
Former Japan Carlotta
Joan Sobel
Las Vegas understudy (6/06 - ?),
Rebecca Spencer
Mme Giry in Las Vegas (6/2006 - ?), Former Hamburg (1991?)
Lorian Stein
Former understudy in NY
Kim Stengel
(Bio) Current Music Box Tour, former Far East Tour, US, and Toronto
Jane Stoggles
Former London understudy (1991)
Dawn Leigh Stone
Former NY understudy
Anette Stridh
Former Carlotta in Europe
Miki Tanegashima
Japan (2005)
Eva Hess Thaysen
Laureen Vigil
MB Tour understudy
Sophie Viskich
Seoul (World Tour) understudy
Irena Welhasch Baerg
(Bio) Former Carlotta in Toronto
Evelyn Werner
Current/original Essen alternate
Sharon Wheatley
NY understudy
Danielle White
Current Las Vegas understudy (6/06 - ?),
Krista Wigle
(Bio) Carlotta understudy in San Fransisco
Johanna Wiseman
Former NY understudy
Wysandria Woolsey
Former NY understudy
Joan Marie Zimmerman
(Short bio) Former Hamburg Carlotta